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I am a creative designer with 10 years of experience in the world of advertising and beyond.

After studying at Media Design School in Auckland, I worked at JWT and Y&R for almost 5 years as a graphic designer before moving to France to follow love and croissants.

While living in Paris, I took a job as an illustrator, and later as a UI/UX designer for start-up companies, while also taking freelance work to pay for all of the croissants.

After being offered a good job back in New Zealand, I had to say goodbye to the croissants (but luckily not the love) and mosey on back to the land of meat pies and marmite.

While working at Rainger & Rolfe as a design all-rounder, I started to get more involved in the concepting stages, while also learning animation to add to my technical abilities. This meant following a campaign from start to finish which really sparked my interest for the creative side of things.

With my new-found love of creat-ive, and old-found love of creat-ing, I started my new role as art director at Running with Scissors. Working in a team of less than five between Auckland and London taught me the true value of speed, flexibility, and good communication.

All of that is basically just to let you know, I make things. Whether it be branding, animation, illustration, lo-fi beats, or homebrew, I was created to create.

So hit me up, and let’s make something sweet together.