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Bobux  //  Epic Adventures Every Day

Bobux shoes are a New Zealand company that makes the best kids shoes out there. They’re stylish, tough, and flexible, so you can let your child run wild without 

We created a campaign based on our Kiwi kid’s imagination called β€˜Epic Adventures Every Day’. With a reasonably tight budget, we found stock footage to represent our kids imaginations, then filmed the rest and stiched them together.

Bobux  //  Epic Adventures Playbook

As a part of our β€˜Epic Adventures Every Day’ campaign, I created an activity book that was included with every pair of Bobux shoes.

The book was printed in NZ, AUS, Europe and the USA.

Bobux  //  The Original Soft Soles

Bobux were the first soft sole shoes made for babies.

They have a series of very popular character-based shoes which we brought to life in this hand-drawn animation showing the characters from the shoes helping baby get up and go.

We filmed our talented baby crawling, then sent the video to London where our in-house animator added the helpful little characters.