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Mars Petcare

Every Chirstmas, Mars Petcare in the UK gave a portion of the proceeds from all of their christmas treats to animal shelters.

I created a concept where you could see in split-screen how the treats you buy for your own pet also benefited the shelters.

The shots were filmed in London and edited by me.


Crave is a premium pet food with more meat and less of the other stuff.

Since our humble pets were once vicous hunters, tamed by generations of collaboration, we wanted to show the hunter within but splicing footage of our pets with their intimidating ancestors.

Crave - All killer, no filler.

Pedigree Dentastix

For those who have dogs, we know that they don’t really care about the benefits of their treats like we do.

So we filmed our talent explaining the benefits to her patient doggo, before swapping to his point of view, where we can hear what he’s really thinking.

β€œTreat, treat, treat!”