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Blue Frog x Little Beauties

Blue Frog cereal teamed up with Little Beauties Real Fruit, and they we’re looking for a fun animation to promote the new product’s launch.

I used photography of the product and packs to create a kiwi summer pool party scene complete with Manus, spring boards, and some light peer pressure.

Double Trouble Distribution

DTD is an alcohol distribution company based out of West Auckland. The couple running the show were looking for something a little fun and rebellious to reflect their name and nature.

Introducing the punk-pirates of all things booze, Double Trouble Distribution.

Social Social

Social Social is New Zealandβ€˜s one-stop social shop. They handle eveything online, so you can get on with your job in real life.

The Social List on the other hand, is a valuable tool that helps companies find their perfect Kiwi influencer. 

I designed both brands to work as one, sharing fonts and colours, but with identifying differences, like Social Social’s little emoji β€˜Dash’.

Black Cat Tattoo

I’d already had a tattoo from here and used to live in the same building as the shop, so I was all too happy to put their logo together.

As it’s a shop full of brilliant artists, they knew exactly what they wanted for their logo, which made my job a whole lot easier. 


Dosh is how everyone will be moving money in the near future. Created by a couple of blokes who got used to using a similar service in Singapore, they saw an opportunity to bring it back to our shores when they arrived in Aotearoa during the pandemic.

As a service that handles your money, Dosh needed to look professional and realiable, while at the same time being youthful and fun.

And that’s the story of Dosh, New Zealand’s Digital Wallet.